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Family-Focused Dentistry in Harvest, Alabama

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Family-Focused Dentistry in Harvest, Alabama

Our practice provides excellent pediatric and family dentistry services to people in Harvest, Alabama. At the dental office of East Limestone Family Dental, we assure that you will receive the most professional pediatric and family dental work in Harvest, Alabama. It doesn’t matter if you’re seven or 70; our compassionate staff is devoted to making all patients feel relaxed and unworried during their dental appointment. As a family dental office, we offer typical preventive dental care services to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy.

Dental Treatments at East Limestone Family Dental

If you need dental checkups or other services in Harvest, Alabama, Dr. Fitts and his dental staff are ready to help. The well-trained dentists and staff at East Limestone Family Dental will make sure that your appointment is effortless and pain-free.

We provide the following preventive dental treatments:

  • Exams
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Gum disease evaluation
    • Examination of tooth decay
    • Examination of existing restorations
  • Cleanings (dental prophylaxis)
    • Removal of tartar
    • Removal of plaque
    • Teeth polishing
  • Bitewing x-rays
  • Periapical x-rays
  • Full-mouth, Panorex x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Space maintainers
  • Tooth sealants
Preventive dentistry is essential for good oral health

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If you are based in Harvest, Alabama, the office of Dr. Fitts is a premier choice for premium, inexpensive dental care. For more information about our pediatric, preventive and restorative dental services, visit our website today.

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