Don’t let tooth pain or an oral injury turn your Halloween plans into a tailspin.

Dental emergencies can be stressful, but your friends at East Limestone Family Dental are here to help you as quickly as possible so you can get out of pain and get back to enjoying the fun fall season with a healthy smile.

Halloween – A Trick Or A Treat?

Yes, Halloween and other holidays are a treat in more ways than one. Parties, trick-or-treating, tailgating, and other seasonal events are fun, but they also cause us to put our guard down, relax, and be a bit less vigilant than we normally are.

A nasty fall running from house to house for candy or a piece of candy that hits a tooth in just the wrong way can result in a dental emergency, and this time of year, it happens more than you might think.

What To Remember In A Dental Emergency

The most helpful advice we can give to reduce panic and stress during a dental emergency is to save our phone number.

When frantically searching for an emergency dentist, especially after hours, isn’t something you need to worry about, you’ll have an easier time staying calm and taking the necessary steps to fix your smile. Our established patients will have access to after-hours assistance so we can arrange a visit at the earliest availability.

And you also don’t have to doubt yourself. It never hurts to call us for assistance just to make sure you don’t put off treating a dental problem that really needs immediate care, like:

  • Swollen, sore, or bleeding gums
  • An intense or throbbing toothache that OTC meds can’t relieve
  • Pain or inflammation in your mouth from an abscessed or infected tooth
  • Trouble chewing your food or loss of oral function
  • Teeth or dental restorations that are loose, damaged, or knocked out

Call Us When You Need Help!

Despite all the precautions you probably already take to keep everyone in your family safe this time of year, we all know that dental emergencies can and will happen when you least expect them.

But since you know who to call for emergency dental care in Athens, AL, and have a better idea of the teeth problems that need immediate attention, we hope you have peace of mind that a dental issue around Halloween doesn’t have to take a frightening turn.

When you have a dental emergency, call East Limestone Family Dental at 256-229-3416 to schedule an appointment in Athens, AL.