Relieve Your Painful Toothache & Feel Better With Athens, AL Root Canals

Root canal procedures have an undeserved bad reputation. Especially in the skilled hands of Dr. Scott Fitts, Athens root canals are no more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled. They will actually help you feel better, not cause you more pain! East Limestone Family Dental offers you:

  • Sedation using laughing gas that will put you completely at ease
  • Comforting touches like private patient care rooms, soft pillows, and cozy blankets
  • An experienced staff that is dedicated to delivering you an exceptional visit
  • Dr. Fitts’s hands-on dental experience that spans well over a decade

Don’t suffer with the pain of a damaged tooth! Call us today at 256-229-3416 to schedule your consultation. You’ll find our friendly dentist office at 15059 E. Limestone Road, two buildings down from the Chevron station.

Experience a Great Root Canal Procedure

We’re not sure why root canal therapy has become such a feared dental procedure. Performed properly, it is a beneficial service that will eliminate the throbbing, searing pain of a diseased tooth. Not only will a root canal stop your pain, but in most cases, it also allows us to save your tooth from having to be extracted.

A tooth’s root canals are located in the soft inner portion of the tooth known as the pulp. Either from a cavity that’s left untreated or from damage to the tooth, decay can spread into the pulp and cause you a great deal of pain. At this point, a root canal is usually necessary to eliminate your pain and help you feel better.

Here’s what a root canal procedure involves:

  • Dr. Fitts will remove the diseased pulp inside the tooth, then disinfect your tooth’s interior.
  • He will then seal the canals with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha.
  • In most cases, a new crown (made right here in our office) will provide the perfect finishing touch to strengthen your repaired tooth and prevent other problems.

After your root canal treatment, you’ll have virtually all your biting and chewing capacity restored, plus your pain will be gone!

You don’t have to put up with a diseased, damaged tooth. We offer Athens root canals that will have you feeling good as new in no time. Call East Limestone Family Dental today at 256-229-3416 to schedule your appointment. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why have a root canal?

Root canals are needed when the pulp inside the tooth becomes diseased. This can happen either when a cavity goes untreated and infection spreads to the pulp, or when a tooth undergoes some sort of trauma that allows bacteria inside. In either case, we can usually save the tooth with root canal treatment.

Are root canals painful?

Although many people believe that root canal therapy is painful, it is no more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled. We’ll use a local anesthetic to make sure the tooth is numb before we begin your procedure. That way you can relax and feel confident that you’re not going to feel any discomfort.

How much does a root canal cost?

Treatment costs can vary greatly for a root canal, so you will need to come in for an initial exam and imaging before we can give you a cost for your particular procedure. For your convenience, we do offer several flexible payment options, including financing through a third party.