Trust Our Experts For Help Relieving Dental Anxiety in Athens, AL

If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, don’t feel bad. Surveys have shown that most people have at least some dental fear. Just know that Dr. Fitts and his team at East Limestone Family Dental are experts at relieving dental anxiety in Athens. We offer you:

  • A compassionate staff who will listen carefully to all your concerns
  • Dental sedation using laughing gas that will help calm your nerves
  • Amenities like pillows, blankets, TVs, and private care rooms
  • A kids’ play area to keep your child preoccupied

Welcome to relaxing dental care! Call us today at 256-229-3416 to schedule an appointment. You’ll find us on East Limestone Road in Athens, across from Subway.

Rest Easy With Laughing Gas & Our Assortment of Amenities

For patients who need a little extra help easing their anxiety, we offer safe, gentle laughing gas. This form of sedation will be expertly administered using a comfortable mask. After breathing in the sweet-smelling sedative, you’ll almost immediately begin to experience a feeling of lightness and euphoria. Your mind will relax, and any dental fear will melt away.

We’ll monitor the level of sedative during your appointment so that you get just the right amount needed. When your procedure is finished, we’ll give you fresh oxygen that will help you return to normal in minutes. You’ll be able to drive yourself home without any problems.

We want each of our patients to feel as comfortable at East Limestone Family Dental as they do in their own living room. That’s why we provide so many patient amenities throughout your entire visit:

  • Your kids will enjoy a play area that’s full of toys and even a Playstation to keep them occupied. Plus, you’ll enjoy our free Wi-Fi.
  • Once you go back to one of our comfortable, private patient care rooms, you can rest your head on a soft pillow and nestle up under a cozy blanket.
  • Our office even features TVs in each room so that you can divert your attention away from dentistry while we tend to your smile.

When you need help relieving dental anxiety in Athens, trust the team at East Limestone Family Dental. We’ve been keeping patients comfortable for many years, so call us today at 256-229-3416 to schedule your next checkup. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Can you help with relieving dental anxiety?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we would be glad to help you through your fear. Our staff is fully trained to offer compassionate and gentle care to each patient, helping ensure a relaxing visit you will feel good about. If you have special concerns or requests, we’ll be glad to accommodate you if at all possible.

What can you do to relieve dental anxiety?

We offer inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, to help eliminate any anxiety you’re experiencing. This gentle sedative will give you a warm, tingly feeling all over and may even make you feel slightly giddy. We also have several cozy amenities to help you feel at home, including soft pillows, warm blankets, private patient care rooms, and TVs.

Are there steps I can take at home to relieve dental anxiety?

We believe that a relaxing visit begins at home. If you start to feel anxious about your procedure, simply let your body go limp and take several deep breaths slowly. Picture yourself lying comfortably in our dental chair in your private care room, fully relaxed and at peace. Then, when you’re actually in the office, you can use this same technique to help ease any residual anxiety.