Keep Your Smile Bright With Our Athens, AL Dental Cleanings & Exams

Dental cleanings and exams in Athens form the basis of a beautiful smile. At East Limestone Family Dental, Dr. Scott Fitts will help you maintain your best and brightest smile through regular general dental care. Here are a few reasons so many patients have made us their home for great dentistry:

  • Advanced technology including digital X-rays, digital scanners, and a 3-D CT scanner
  • Comforting amenities like pillows, TVs, private operatories, and a kids’ play area
  • Dental sedation using safe, effective laughing gas

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Maintain Your Best Smile with Proactive Dental Care

Dr. Fitts recommends that our patients come in for a routine checkup twice a year. Doing so gives us the opportunity to keep an eye on your oral health and monitor you for any problems that could potentially cause damage to your smile.

Most people know that they’ll receive a thorough teeth cleaning and dental exam, but our checkups go beyond just a simple check for cavities:

  • Our team will perform an oral cancer screening so that you can receive early treatment for this disease if needed.
  • We’ll also look for signs of gum disease. We want to catch and treat gum infection before it has the chance to cause serious damage to your gums and teeth.
  • Plus, we’ll take a set of X-rays if needed so we can get an up-close look at your teeth roots, bones, and nerves. We’ll look for any abnormalities that could cause you problems down the road.

Depending on the results of your dental exam, we may recommend one or more treatments to help you keep your smile on track:

  • Fluoride treatments will help prevent cavities, as the fluoride remineralizes and strengthens tooth enamel. Fluoride will even reverse tooth decay when it’s in the early stages.
  • Tooth sealants are thin layers of plastic that we can apply to the biting surfaces of certain teeth. They act like “raincoats” for your teeth by forming a barrier between your tooth enamel and harmful disease-causing bacteria.

Keep up with your Athens dental cleanings and exams to maintain a beautiful smile! Call East Limestone Family Dental today at 256-229-3416 to schedule an appointment or schedule online.

Common Questions About Dental Cleanings and Exams

How long does a dental exam and cleaning take?

The time needed for these services will vary depending on several factors, including whether we’ve seen you before and what shape your smile is in. Typically, though, it won’t require more than an hour. It will be time well spent, as your teeth will look and feel great!

How often should I get a dental cleaning and exam?

In general, we recommend that a patient come in every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. Routine checkups allow us the chance to keep an eye on your oral health and provide early treatment for any problems we spot. You may need to visit us more often if you’re susceptible to gum disease.

What happens during a dental cleaning and exam?

Both your dental hygienist and your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and entire mouth to look for signs of any problems. We may also take digital X-rays and images inside your mouth with an intraoral camera. Then your hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, paying special attention to areas you might miss at home. We’ll recommend any services needed to keep your mouth healthy.